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Weedcation Training- 5 Tips for a Cannabis Trip

So,BUDS are being legalized for “recreational” (a term I absolutely adore ) use in a rapidly increasing number of states, and you want to take advantage of this by making a trip to one of these legal states.

The traditional country of choice for a ‘weedcation’ was Holland, but this is changing now. Spain, Portugal, Canada and of course the United States are becoming “pot tourism” (potspot hotspots), too. Getting to other places in the US is often cheaper and quicker and easier to get for those already in North America, and it is arguable that the quality of marijuana in the US is of far higher quality than that which is found in a lot other places.

Indeed, there are many states in the US that are perfect for a “Weedcation”. Here are 5 ways to do it properly …

1.Careful with the Concentrates and Edibles!

Concentrates usually have extremely high amounts of THC in them – enough to make even the most seasonedEdibles Weed Keef Dabs of stoners glaze over. Moreover, concentrates can increase your tolerance to THC rapidly, meaning flowers will have less and less effect on you.

As for edibles, the best advice would be to eat them slowly and in chunks. Cut that brownie into pieces, or only eat a quarter of that cookie at a time. Marijuana, when burnt, loses some of the cannabinoids through smoke and heat. This is not the case with edibles, where even small doses of THC can have more of an effect than when smoked.

Though both concentrates and edibles can be overwhelming, they are quite different. Smoked or vaporized concentrates have an immediate effect, due to the fact that it passes from the lungs and straight to the brain. Edibles, on the other hand, are digested, and the THC is turned into 11-hydroxy-THC. This metabolite is very effective at crossing the blood-brain barrier, making even small doses extremely potent.

2.    Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Cannabis and alcohol are not a good mixture and could see you end up over a toilet bowl or even an emergency room in some cases. But thats not gonna stop us, You can drink legally in most places throughout the US and the world, so just know how to handle your shit.


4.    See the Sites!

Spending all your time in dispensaries gets a little boring. Seeing live bands, going to the movies or find a play, check out the local museum and eat at a great diner or restaurant. Whilst you’re at the dispensary, ask the locals where the best places to eat, see music and visit are. You’ll likely get more out of your meds this way, too.

5.    Green is Good For You

Of course marijuana is the bees knees but right now I’m not talking about cannabis. Im talking about actually going out and looking at the natural environment. This could mean a trip to the local park, or a full-blown camping trip out to the wilderness. Either way, looking at and spending time amongst the trees is a surprisingly effective stress-cutter. Many people also report feeling at ease, less anxious and “more connected” to nature after using cannabis. I think they just got some good shit.

There are lots of ways to enjoy your weedcation, maybe you got some better ideas, so why dont you just hit us  back to tell us more about your ideal weedcation!



  • Clay Westfall says:

    There are so many things that the general public doesn’t know about marijuana and it’s recreational uses. Everything I know about it was just learned on your website. But now that I know a little bit, I am going to give it a try. Since I have never used marijuana before, I will do it at home with a glass of water! Thanks for the knowledge…


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