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Bonding with a Smoke Sesh

Pot Party Fouls-6 Ways to Kill a Smoke-Sesh

A smoke sesh with friends or family is the best way to bond, you laugh, love, and enjoy each others company. However, just like there are ways to start a smoke sesh, there are ways to immediately end a smoke sesh known as party fouls.

Lose the Bag

Party Foul

Its the worst when you and your buds pitch in for a fat sack. You get all the way home, break out the bowls or bongs, or maybe you split up a gar. Then realize you can’t find your bag, you search for it every where with your group and nothing you finally come to the conclusion that its lost forever into the dark void of haha you suck.


Fix My Bong from Home









This happens after you complete step one, LOCATE BAG. We all know its always a bummer to not have something to smoke out of, but its even worse when you get your bowl packed and by some grace of god it slips out of your hands and shatters into a million pieces. This is hard to avoid if your just a klutz like my friends are.

Dirty Bud

I Dropped My Weed on the Floor




This usually happens from being destructive, but it sucks when you have to smoke bud off the ground. This happens when someone fumbles around on the reg, knocking into shit in the dark. You turn on the lights and the grinder that was packed full was tipped over and rolled off the counter on to the dirty barn floor. Huge party foul dude, Avoid at at costs!!!


 A Bad Burn

How To Roll a Perfect Joint



Ignorance is what fuels this Party Foul. If you cant roll a decent smoke-able blunt or joint don’t try with a large group. You will be ridiculed, made fun of and will most likely be excluded from the sesh next time. Because a bad roll just wastes weed, so if your asked to roll and you don’t know how tell them, someone else probably has the skills to get you stoning.

Bad Circle Etiquette

Pass The Joint Legalize It







When your in the circle you have to be aware of a few things. When its your turn in rotation and your telling a story, STOP TALKING and hit that shit. Plenty of time to get back to what you were talking about, don’t be the guy holding the microphone while others are waiting to blaze.

Oh another thing, make sure you don’t make out with the blunt, because they know who did it and it makes it some much harder to smoke with a wet paper.



Puff, Puff,Puff,Puff,Puff and PassWiz Khalifa

Secret of life, Don’t Be A Greedy Dick. When your in a group, its customary for everyone to get 2 hits hence puff, puff, pass. You have to share with others if you want to be invited back, if you want to be mister Chief then go home and smoke your own stash.


Its very easy to mess up a good time if you don’t pay attention to these things. There’s definitely more then that i’m not thinking of right now, just remember to be cautious. But if you do party foul, just know that doesn’t mean its the end for you. Just figure out how to fix the problem, maybe with some pothead ingenuity.



  • Evald says:

    Hey Sean 😉

    I really liked these ”stoner things” related articles, & Yours Sean was very interesting & funny to read!

    The party fouls You have mentioned here are absolutely on point ! I especially hate when there is canoeing & nobody ”heals” the J- like seriously guys? 😀 Sometimes the joint would be rolled alright but occasional canoeing might happen because someone sparked it the bad way, so we just burn the other side that doesn’t burn, in other words – we heal it. But this issue was back in the days & would only occur with people who were unexperienced 😀 like with most of these party fouls.

    Luckily, my circle of friends are well educated about smoking culture & it’s very pleasant to smoke with them 🙂

    Keep up the good work Sean 🙂 looking forward to reading more of Your content, I really enjoyed this one 🙂

    • Head Master says:

      Thanks a lot, i’m happy to know i’m not the only one out there. Good to know people learn with time lol i’m glad you liked it, and if you got any other Party Fouls that i missed, help me out and we can educate the world how to be cool under pressure lol

    • admin says:

      Thank you

  • Michael Jackson says:

    Great stuff! As a smoker myself, I found almost all of these to be spot on! Especially the smoking etiquette! I could name a few of my buddies who just cant stop talking when its their turn to talk. So annoying! I’ll have to put them to this page and say, look! read this and understand it! lol but good stuff, man. I cant wait to read more now!

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