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Edible Medicine- Top 10 THC Treats

Edibles are a great way for people to get their medicine if they prefer not to smoke. Even if your the person that rather smoke up, edibles are a great way to keep things exciting and get some of the cleanest euphoric highs. The best THC treats of 2017 are dependable, subtle and delicious. Now enough talk about these Yummy Weed treats, lets see what 2017 brought us.

10. Pot ChipsPot Chip TCH Treat

Highs: It’s a savory snack with a nice potent dose of THC. Every bag is labeled with the exact strain used and whether it is indica, sativa or hybrid. You can also choose between Chili Cheese, Crunchy Cheetos, Hot Cheetos and Extra Hot Cheetos.

Lows: Each chip has a different dosage so you won’t exactly realize how much you took until its too late and your couch locked. If your inexperienced in eating eatables and don’t smoke a lot I would be careful with this product, for a normal consumer this bag can be split up into 3 servings.

9. Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews Edibles

Accolades: Has 3 Cannabis Cup Awards and is stocked in over 800 dispensaries.

Highs:Very safe product, easy too to keep track of dosage, looks like a small piece of chocolate that comes out of a tiny aluminum wrapping, almost looks like a laxative LOL, but very good packaging, unappealing to children and very discreet.

Lows: You can defiantly taste the chocolate flavoring they did not put in the chew, very bland and distasteful. But than again it gets you medicated when you need it to.

8. Incredibles Boulder Bar

Incredible Boulder Bars Edibles

Highs: These tasty ass bars are almost the Willy Wonka of Chocolate THC, not to mention the super informative packaging you can find the nutritional facts, the expiration date, ingredients, and even the dosage all on the wrapper. A very consistent company that was awarded Colorado highest volumes for edibles sales.

Lows: All in all this is a good chocolate bar, not a very potent product you would have to eat 2 bars to get a good time going.


7. Kiva Confections Chocolate Bar

Kiva Confections Chocolate Bar

Pros: The packaging is slick as hell, tastier than the Boulder Bars I talked about before and has much more of a selection in potency. The company also does a terrific job at testing for pesticides, contaminants and cannabinoids. They also test product extracts for pesticides again and finally product potency and safety

Cons: The medication is good, but bars a variable sometimes its take a while to kick in.

6. Zen Brands Voodoo Sour Straws

10 Best Edibles Of 2017

Highs: Who remembers sour straws, dude almost put down a whole bag, these sour delights are cheap, yummy as hell, and super potent with 375mg per bag, you and your friend can get stoned a few times. The affects rush over you in a such a calm way, gently spreading through your whole body. (and personally they back childhood memories)

Lows: Well I guess if you don’t like sour candy or over the top sweet stuff than this probably isn’t for you.

5. Whoopi & Maya Savor

10 Best Edibles Of 2017

Pros: Mmm, Hot cannabis cocoa sounds delicious, this is one of the best tasting cocoa powders out their and it’s available in both CBD and THC. Has a lot of uses, you can make hot cocoa or maybe sprinkling some in your cereal or on top of your fruit, you could even eat it by the spoonful.

Cons: Not a super powerful product, depending on your tolerance, because of it only being 4 ounces you might eat the whole jar to get desired effect.

4. Wana Sour Gummies

Sour Gummies Weed Edibles

Highs: Non kid friendly packaging, package tells you where buds in the gummies came from, tells your its potency and its pretty easy to keep track of how many candies you had. Terrific taste and fast acting effect, these gummies are a definite THC Treat.

Lows: This product like many others is pretty high in calories and for some reason has twice the amount of sugar than normal edible gummies.

3. Kaneh Co S’mores Brownie

Kaneh Co S’mores Brownie

Pros: So many variety’s and flavors made with the best ingredients and no preservatives, where do I start, these guys are amazing. Dosages come in all shapes and sizes from 100 mg ranging all the way to 1000 mg. I promise you this is probably one of the best brownies out their. THC packed into every delicious nook and cranny.

Cons: Expected to be stoned, because when you bite into this beautiful creation your taste buds won’t let you put it down until your throwing the wrapper in the trash.

2. Slactavis Syrup

10 Best Edibles Of 2017

Highs: Warning if you are trying to take an instant nap a double dose of this shit will put you on your ass. This syrup is perfect when you need a break from smoking and you want to stay medicated all day. Easy replacement for smoking, just pour some into any drink preferably soda. This for you high tolerance stoners!

Lows: Your gonna need some kind of drink even water works, this syrup by its self is nasty as hell but a perfect way to unwind.

1. Punch Chocolate Bar

10 Best Edibles Of 2017

Highs: There is a reason Punch Chocolate Bars is at the top of my list and its because you only need one of dam hell raisers. Delicious chocolate delights, incomparably potent is what I would say. Long lasting edible for the heavyweight edible consumer, all around best product I’ve come in contact this far. Not to mention the kick ass old-timey look, looks like a bag a chaw I bought from an old saloon.

Lows: Here’s the problem with these things, you can’t stop at one, their just so dang good, but the problem lays in the fact that after you have 2-3 pieces, that 1st piece starts to kick in and your fucked. You take the first one at 7 a.m., than the second one at 8 a.m., and because forgot you had the 2nd one you take another at 8:12 a.m., pass out at 9 a.m. on a Thursday and wake up Friday night about midnight and why the fuck is their an open Twinkie mushed to your chest.






  • Cinderella says:

    I have an Uncle who struggles with getting high as you call it, but first I want to find out, is this medicine and if so what is it used for?

    My second question is, is this for people who like getting high and if the answer is yes what are the healthy benefits if any and how risky is this health wise, if it is safe, I can recommend my Uncle to check this out, this looks much better than what he does.

    • HeadMaster says:

      Yea its medicine,but it can also be recreation-ally used, but they use the medicine to help with eating issues all the way to calming down a patient with Parkinsons. And if you wanted to use any of those products its perfectly safe, and in the end better for your lungs if you need a smoke break.

  • Devara says:

    I enjoyed reading this article although it was a very unexpected read. I’ve never heard of edibles before. Is it legal in all states? Is it addicting like cigarettes are? I quit smoking in 2009 and don’t want that habit back.
    The brownies sound really good and entertaining! Is there a lot of fat/calories in them? I’m sorry for so many questions, but this is very interesting news for me.
    Thanks for clueing me in.

    • Head Master says:

      That’s funny, i’m glad i was able to inform but no not every state is legal most of them aren’t but no where near as addictive as tobacco. Not a huge amount of calories, probably the same amount as regular brownies lol

    • admin says:

      thank you

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