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Why Should Marijuana be Legalized

March 6, 2018

In my personal and professional opinion I believe that marijuana in a whole has much more to offer than any other drug(that’s if you wanna call it that). It has medical properties still unknown to the world and what we do know about it is terrific, it has the ability to slow down cancer cell and in some cases kill the cells indefinitely. THC the active ingredient in marijuana slows the progression and in even some cases prevents the Alzheimers Disease.

The Good of THC

Marijuana relieves pressure in your eyes treating patients with Glaucoma, THC controls epileptic seizures by binding the brain cells responsible for controlling excitability and regulating relaxation, stopping seizures faster than the best paramedical drugs on the market.

Weed relieves Arthritis, multiple sclerosis, reduces severe pain, and nausea from chemotherapy, and stimulates appetite. The list goes on and on, this plant helps all young and old, rich and poor, cancers and anxieties, if this were a pill the side effects would fill up a dictionary, but nope its good ol’ Marijuana – side effects include munchies, joy, laughter, and naps.

Its crazy that all of those great things about weed are the reasons why its illegal. These politicians and pharmaceutical reps keep finding reasons to discourage weed and criminalize a plant given from god(for those Christians out there), but why, because its putting cold hard cash in there pockets.

Politicians Make Me Laugh

The politicians want weed to be an illegal substance so they can encourage the war on drugs, if Marijuana is a Class 1 Narcotic than that gives them full power and resources to target “cartels” (people peddling pot-probably nonviolent) and that putting money in there pockets.

Pharmaceutical reps are the real monster though, these people are pushing there shitty harmful drugs, knowing that there pills harm more than they help. They do this because they make a commission off there products and they’ve been trying to keep Marijuana out of the loop because they have spent billions on researching all these kinds of pills and 9 out of 10 times marijuana would be a better medicine choice to treat the patients.

No Fear though, everything looks like its on the rise more than 40 states currently allow the use of marijuana for medical or personal use. And now a new legislation is being discussed to remove the federal prohibition on marijuana, leaving it up to each individual state to decide whether to legalize it.

Senator Cory Booker talking about his Marijuana justice act.


Lets Stop this War on Weed, Lets Start rebuilding our country with revenue we can easily generate from Marijuana. Whether its product sales, sales tax, or medical research that is the only viable option we have left as a country. Our National debt as of Monday is $18.96 trillion, I believe in just one year of absolute legal marijuana, recreational and medical,  I believe our national debt would cut in half.

Countless jobs would be created for the entire country and we could even have a new national export because you know if we do something we do it right and we do it good. People could get the medicines they need, people can stop being harassed for there background and  people in general will be nicer to each other making us willing to spend more, that in turn will make the economy stronger. Our economy gets stronger,our roads get rebuilt, our schools get better funds, our hospitals get nicer equipment. You never now marijuana might even be the next bio fuel but i bet it leads us to it.
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  • Kenneth says:

    Marijuana should most definitely be legalized! As someone who self-medicates his Autism, anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar Type 1, and Insomnia with cannabis in a state where it’s illegal, this is a very important topic for me. I’ve been arrested and thrown in a cage twice for trying to give myself a positive quality of life. This is absurd! Have you heard the song, “Smoking Weed With the President” by Prince Ea? If not, I recommend checking it out!

    Also, THC does not stop seizures, etc. That’s CBD 😉

    Thanks so much for writing this.

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